Soft Badges

Community Champion

Goes out of their way to help and encourage other teams


Goes out of their way to create something extraordinary useless.

Early Delivery

First end to end working solution delivered before lunch the first day of the event. Does not count together with Show and Tell or Head2Head.

Happy Camper

Using gadgets, costumes or similiar to create a really cool camp, and keeps a extraordinary good team spirit throughout the event

Morning Glory

Starting the day before the sun rises.

Remarkable Teamspirit

Keeps a extraordinary good team spirit throught the day

Sharing is Caring

Solution is uploaded to an open repository, and you do a sensible pull request on a competing teams code.

Thieving Bastards

Uses several third party solutions in their delivery, opensource or payable solutions made available by others

Low Code


Solution is responsive. Adapts to all devices and screen sizes


Using search in an innovative, useful way. Solve a business problem!

Dash It Out

Create great looking dashboards with graphs, kpis and reports using Excel Services/ PowerBI / Reporting Services, Performance point/ Visio or some other frameworks. Minimum 4 graphs, gauges or kpi's.


Uses external data to add business-value to existing data in your solution, and presents it in an excellent way.

Embedding numbnut

Integrate into everything that flips bits

Feature Bombing

On popular demand the feature bombing badge is back! But this time cram as many user features into one screen as you can. Five or more and you might get some points. If you go all aboard and it all makes sense, extra points

Glossy Pixels

Shiny, glossy user interfaces would earn this badge, it won't break on small screens right?

Go With The Flow

Implement workflow to improve business productivity in a solution. Do you have a process that can be automated?


Use hip tech, like node.js, Clojure, functional programming style, Nancy. Hate on Visual Studio, embrace new Microsoft and use open technologies

Nasty Hacker

Creating superdirty hacks to achieve awesomeness

Plug N' Play

This is all about Apps. Create an app/plugin for a Microsoft Product ( Teams, SharePoint, Dynamics, Office 365, VS Code, Visual Studio etc.). And don't forget that it has to solve a business need.

Power User Love

Use your powerful end-user skills to develop something useful in SharePoint, Dynamics or Power Platform. #ProCodeNoCodeUnite

Retro badge

Doing something cool with late technologies. It's all legacy now, baby!

Show And Tell

Got a great, well thought idea with some cool sketches? Maybe you can get a badge for that.

Stairway To Heaven

Combine at least three different Microsoft cloud api's and the badge could be yours!

The Existential Risk

Show innovative use of AI/Machine Learning/Neural networks to solve a problem or visualize data.

Pro Code

ACDC Craftsman

Practicising development and deployment best-practice

Client Side Salsa

Most of their solutions are extremely fluent by running in the client's browser. But how to avoid creating a heavy monolith front-end. Show use of modern front-end frameworks. React, Angular, State management, Streams.

Go Native

Native mobile or windows app that rocks! How about some Cordova, Xamarin or even React Native?

Power Of The Shell

Script the config of your entire solution. Azure infrastructure as code, ARM, PowerShell, CI/CD

Right Now

Doing something collaborative in real-time with, signalR, websockets etc. Don't repeat yourself!

Web Bytes Code

Use WebAssembly to present front-end magic. Have you noticed Blazor is the new kid in town?