is a 3 day Norwegian hackathon focusing on Microsoft cloud technology, such as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, IOT, Azure ML and Power Platform

Join us from February 1th to 4th, 2024!
You will very soon see the next event theme! stay tuned.

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What is it about?

ACDC stands for Arctic Cloud Developer Challenge. It is a hackathon that happens every year at a venue in Holmenkollen. It's 3 days of hackathon + 1 day hangover. The event was created as a social happening by and for the community as a place where like-minded IT professionals can engage in friendly competition without worrying about the mercantile challenges.

Our goal is to push technology to new limits while we learn from each other and socialize. This great event has been hosted for over 10 years at the beautiful Voksenåsen.

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The award

The winning team get to take home the ANTLERS to keep until next challenge.
And all the glory they can carry!

The price

NOK 14.500,-

• Challenge participants pass
• Three nights in single bedroom at onsite hotel
• Breakfast friday, saturday and sunday  
• Lunch, coffee and small treats for the full duration    
• Geekfood thursday, dinner friday and banquet dinner Saturday
• Subsidized cloudpints (beer)          


Excelent user experience

Visually appealing and an engaging experience surpassing expectations of simplicity, attractiveness and a look that just speaks of blings.

Most Extreme Business Value

Running a business is tough. Usable Solutions, Feasable ideas, Real World Scenarios.

Pandoras box

Pandoras box is dynamic category and is subject to change each year. This year the category is "Out of the Box Fun". Participants are encouraged to unleash their wildest ideas, letting their imaginations run free to create solutions that are not only technically impressive but also immensely enjoyable

Killer AI

In this category, participants are invited to explore the limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI). Whether you're a seasoned AI enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this category encourages you to harness the power of machine learning, neural networks, and other AI technologies to craft innovative solutions


Victoria Dessen

Experienced advisor and developer in enterprise management, data analytics and insights. She leverages a long-standing history of designing solutions that align closely with user needs. Her drive is to create analytical solutions and architectures that makes organizations more insights driven.

Scott Durow

Scott Durow has been a Microsoft Business Applications MVP since 2013 and has over two decades of software engineering experience. He has a deep understanding of the Power Platform, having built solutions using it since its early days as Microsoft CRM 1.0, SharePoint Server 2001 & BizTalk Server 2000

Sara Lagerquist

Sara is a Microsoft Business Application MVP, based in Stockholm, Sweden where she works as a Power Platform Consultant at CRM-Konsulterna. She is one of the organizers of Nordic Summit.

Magnus Goksøyr

Magnus is a Microsoft MVP who is aways sharing experiences and knowledge in the use of Microsoft 365 as a toolbox, Helping employees, companies and organizations through the right use of the right tools at the right time for the right purpose.

Jan Vidar Elven

He designs and implements solutions for cloud platforms and security, leveraging his expertise in Azure, hybrid cloud, identity, and mobility. Jan Vidar has over 25 years of experience in infrastructure and systems management, and he is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Security

Mikael Svenson

Mikael has a passion for learning and helping others in tech. He works at Microsoft and one sentence from him: "Tech is all around us and it's us as the people who decide how we want technology to influence us on a day to day basis. The more we connect as human beings, the better tech connects as well."

The venue

The venerable Soria Moria hotel, located in the hills surrounding Oslo. We encourage all participants to stay at the hotel for the event.

We will handle room bookings, and as you see from the conference fee most of what you'll need is covered so you can focus on waging the ultimate cloud battle.

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Adresse:  Voksenkollveien 60, 0790 Oslo