You compete by getting the most badges. Every team can get all badges, and they must be claimed by writing blog posts where you explicitly write what badge you are going for. Most badges are about implementing a solution using a particular kind of technology or framework. There are additional badges that can be won by showing good team spirit, lightning talks and doing stupid things for fun. There's room for interpretation and it's important to talk to the judges and know that you'll get points for and not.
The five judges will give points for what they see during the event and judge all the teams by each category. If they feel you got a great idea they will give you points in the "Great business value" category. If you think about the usability, look and feel you will be given points in the "Excellent User Experience" category, etc. Every day each judge can give each team point in each category. Every day they award a team "Category King" for each category, so it's important to communicate, write blog posts and demonstrate your solution to the judges throughout the competition.


Every judge can hand out a maximum of 50 points to each team at every jury duty each day. It means: 5 juries * 4 categories * 10 points * 3 days = 600 max pr. team

Each team can get upto 33 badges. Each badge gives 10 points, but there is 1 badge that removes 10 points and 1 special badge that adds 25 point for the team that gets it. Number of badges wil be updated as soon as we have reviewed our new badges for 2023.

At Final Jury Delivery each judge has 50 wildcard points each to hand out to the 3 teams they feel deserves it the most (25 + 15 + 10). There are 250 additional points.

The Grand Finale

The last day of the hackaton each team has to deliver a short written presentation of the solution they have created as a blog post.

The judges now has to make the final decisions of wich teams that deserves to get the wildcard points.

The judges will present top 3 teams, and finally announce the winner of ACDC.

The winning team gets to take home the antlers and also gets to inscribe their company name at the very honorable winning teams plate placed on the antlers.

The winning team then gets to keep the antlers for 1 year until the next ACDC event.